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Welcome to Universal Cake


We hope you find this site to be a useful resource. We are just getting started so expect some dust while we get a handle on our site and build out content. If you want to learn about our approach and goals you can have a look at our about page.


Our aim to host a series of DIY guides that enable individuals to construct personal personal road maps to experience more happiness in life.

The general idea is to ensure that we proceed in a way which provides users with the additional energy / spirit in return for your initial investment in time and energy. In other words, your going to need to do some work, but it will return you with additional energy in order to help you power through in order to meet or exceed your goals.

By the way, finding real happiness requires addressing some of the things that make you unhappy. Don't let that stop you, in fact, some people use problems as fuel to move on the path to awakening and joy. As an extreme example of this, you might want to take a look at how Pema Chödrön, as Buddhist nun, leverages problems (the "poison") into ways of feeling better (as medicine).

So our first challenge is to find a starting point that will provide you with the energy to fuel your personal work and a place to get started.

For inspiration we will look at some fascinating methods and research that has allowed individuals to transform their lives in powerful and meaningful ways.

For those who have faced particularly difficult challenges early on in life recognizing all of the aspects of adversity, including how it has made you stronger, can make you better prepared to face life's challenges than the average person. On the one hand is caused you problems, on the other hand it gave you valuable experience in how to deal with difficult situations. In some cases it also gives one the ability to embrace and leverage adversity in ways that others can not.

Again, for those who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE's) we will also look at some of the recent research on the strong relationship between (chronic) inflammation in adults who faced adversity as children and the exciting movement that this has sparked in treating chronic inflammation by retraining our bodies and minds (fight or flight) responses to adversity. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for treating common chronic inflammatory diseases that used to be considered to be impossible to cure.