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Universal Cake

Universal Cake is a metaphor for all things human.

For some it might mean "a dessert that everyone loves to eat", for others "What all humans need and desire".

Right now, for me, it is the beginnings of a DIY guide on how to live your best life from where you happen to be in this moment.

The goal is to create a highly concentrated DIY orientation guide that gets straight to the point and inlcudes some of most helpful, important and essentials steps that I have run into or heard about from other travelers.

In an ideal iteration it would be a guide that anyone can read at any time that will provide them with the ability to begin building and living their best life in the present.

So a road map you can follow or alter to meet you needs. One that includes the major attractions and important stops in being happy and fulfilled that is designed for real humans with real human problems and gifts. Ideally you would make it your own.


Universal Cake is committed to providing you with the highest quality ingredients. What you decide to bake with them is up to you.


This creation of this website and it's supporting systems was fueled by a commitment to build tech that is accessible, inclusive, supported, secure and reliable as well as a joy to work with.

In addition we aim to respect privacy and like the Material for MkDocs Philosophy & Design principles want to create things that work for people.